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How important are conservation and recycling to you? How important is giving back to your community, especially to those in need?

These initiatives are extremely important to Bluegreen Vacations, which is one reason we’ve partnered with Clean the World, the nation’s leading collector and redistributor of soaps and unused or gently used bottled hygiene products.

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Bluegreen is one of the leading contributors to Clean the World and since inception have collected almost 50,000 lbs of waste, distributed over 165,000 soap bars and recycled nearly 14,000 pounds of plastic! If you share in our passion to do good for the planet and its needy, you can help us on our mission: leave any used or unused soap as well as bottles of soap, shampoo or conditioner that are at least 80 percent full in your room for recycling.

Bluegreen housekeepers will take it from there, gathering discarded hygiene items and forwarding them to Clean the World. The nonprofit organization sterilizes and grinds the used soap bars, then presses them into new bars which are boxed for distribution. They sterilize the outside of plastic amenity bottles, and place the bottles in hygiene kits for homeless shelters, families in transition, and other at-risk groups here in North America and overseas.

Lauren Capone, Bluegreen’s Director of Sustainability and Quality Assurance, praised the relationship between Bluegreen and Clean the World.

“We have a strong partnership with a company that’s like-minded and wants to do good by the environment and people in need,” Lauren said. “Before partnering with Clean the World we were simply throwing our bottled and packaged bathroom amenities away. Now, not only are we recycling them, we’re re-filling them and supporting a whole community of children and families in need. It’s a very beneficial program for us, as it’s reducing our overall landfill contribution, but more importantly it’s allowing us to give back in a way that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.”

Some Bluegreen resorts have participated in the program since 2011. Now more than 40 resorts contribute monthly, and one of Capone’s goals is to increase that number. In 2017, Bluegreen collected more than 15,000 pounds of soap, which Clean the World converted to nearly 50,000 fresh bars.

“We’re happy with our participation rate and impact numbers, but not of the belief that we’ve reached our ceiling with this program,” Lauren said. “We know there’s room for improvement and that as we continue to grow as an organization our overall reach with this program will as well; it’s an exciting endeavor.”

Please set aside all the appropriate hygiene amenities you can on your next Bluegreen resort stay.

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