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Family fishing off pier

The sight of a family sitting together, with everyone staring at their phones and tablets while ignoring each other, is all too common. But the time families spend together on vacation can be special and the memories they make often last beyond their lifetimes; some become treasured, often repeated stories that are passed down between generations and turn into family legends!

Each Bluegreen resort is situated in a beautiful destination offering experiences that can be unique and priceless. It’s also a perfect place to reconnect with each other and get back to a more human, less virtual state of being.

It’s healthy. Getting off the couch and moving around is beneficial to one’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

It strengthens bonds. Swim, fish, hike or travel together. Whether they’re siblings or seldom-seen cousins, the family that plays together will invariably bond over these activities.

It encourages communication.
Dealing with each other on a human basis in “real life” instead of as virtual entities builds empathy and helps kids develop indispensable interpersonal skills.

So how do you make it happen?
Before you leave home, hold a family meeting and propose a digital detox for the duration of your vacation. It needn’t last through the whole trip, so restrict cell phone, tablet and laptop usage to specific times, like an hour after each meal (for example), or other times, if you prefer. Of course, your Bluegreen resort also offers plenty of things to do as a family, so unplug, tune in to each other and enjoy real life in real time!

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