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Save Points, avoid the crowds and enjoy a greater range of accommodations to choose from when you book a Winter or Spring getaway!

Winter and spring are great times of the year for a Bluegreen vacation! Since it’s off-peak travel, many destinations are less busy during these seasons. Children are usually in school, lines are shorter and attractions are less busy, making most winter and spring months perfect for last-minute getaways.

Winter and Spring getaways can also mean quieter, more peaceful stays, and most importantly, fewer Vacation Points spent depending on the season and accommodations. Also, you can enjoy winter sports and activities like skiing, sledding, ice skating or building a snowman. It’s a great excuse to make some hot chocolate and spend some quality time in your cozy villa.

To help you start planning your off-peak, Points-saving vacation, below are some Bluegreen resorts that are ideal for a Winter or Spring getaway–check them out!

Save Points and enjoy a quieter stay when you book a Bluegreen Winter or Spring Getaway!

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