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Explore Cave Creek in Arizona

Less than an hour away from Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in Peoria, Arizona is the rustic southwest town of Cave Creek, Arizona. As the surrounding cities of Phoenix, Tuscon and Scottsdale have modernized over time, and become bustling metropolises, the town of Cave Creek has consciously sought to preserve its Wild West character. Cave Creek, like so many other towns in Arizona, was established as a gold mining hotspot, as well as a stopping point for the U.S. Calvary in the 1870s. The town rests in the foothills of Black Mountain, Skull Mesa and Elephant Butte, creating a beautiful backdrop to accompany the rustic appeal of the city. A perfect picture of the Old West. Cave Creek’s unique feel and charming shops, restaurants and galleries make it a great place to visit during a vacation to Peoria, Arizona. Cave Creek is known for its Western feel, attracting tourists year round and ensuring continual entertainment within the city streets. Visitors flock to the saloons, western shops, rodeo events, galleries and live music that takes place on a near-daily basis. There are unique and interesting jewelry shops and other specialty stores to browse through too, in case you want to purchase a souvenir that’s not a cowboy figurine or slice of jerky. There is championship golf, a theater a bike rental shop and hot air balloon kiosk.  There are all kinds of things to see here, and tons to do with plenty to eat.

Cave Creek Attractions

So where to begin, you ask? Bluegreen Vacations suggests you start with food. Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue offers, well, barbecue. It’s a place many drive to from out of town, just to get the tasty meats this place has to offer. El Encanto offers authentic Mexican that has been voted the “Best” a few times over. The owner has had to expand three times; his business is doing so well.

There are plenty more places to eat in Cave Creek, but this should get you started. Then head for an activity or two. You’ll have plenty of energy from your recently devoured pizza, bbq or Mexican and your hands will be free because you haven’t shopped yet.

If you want to get the full experience of the Wild West, opt for a trail ride with Cave Creek Trail Rides. You can even borrow a cowboy hat, boots and chaps from the stables if you want to go all out for your guided trail ride through the Sonoran. Rides last from one to three hours, and guides explain the history of mining in Cave Creek and point out native plants and animals.Adventures in Cave Creek, Arizona

If you want to capture your moments of Southwest Splendor, step on into Debs Wild West Memories and pose for some old-timey photos. Pose your family in as many fun ways you chose. Kids in little cowboy outfits and Old West dresses are the cutest.

There are many galleries to cruise through as well, which always help visitors get a feel for the culture of a city. The Blue Coyote Gallery offers paintings, sculptures, Native American art, pottery and glass works. Coyote Crossing displays graphite and colored pencil pieces. D. Lyon-Art Gallery specializes in luminescent images. Overall the bounty of galleries on the streets of Cave Creek is varied, eclectic, interesting to look at and beautiful.

If you’re ready to relax with a glass of wine, Brix Wine Spot is a very, very cool wine bar. Housing over 500 bottles, the joint offers 18 different selections by the glass a day. You are allowed, and actually encouraged to bring your own food, whether it’s that BBQ we mentioned earlier, or you order a pizza while at the bar. This place is happily different.

At the end of your visit, make sure you get one last picture of the place. Remember: You don’t always come across an Old West town during a vacation. Once you gather your things, take your pictures and have your dinner, make your way back to Peoria for a relaxing sauna or spa visit and Cibola Vista Resort and Spa.

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