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Man on laptop watching webinar

Mary and Larry want to book a vacation at a Bluegreen resort. Mary tells Larry that they can use their Points to book their stay.

  1. What are Points?
    a. Frequent flyer miles
    b. A popular rock band
    c. The “vacation currency” used to book a Bluegreen resort stay
    d. Name of a Bluegreen resort

The Anderson family is ready to go on vacation, but they aren’t sure when they can travel to use their Saved Points.

  1. Which seasons can you use your Saved Points?
    a. Blue season
    b. Red season
    c. White season
    d. All of the above

Chris and Pat want to make a reservation for a trip to Orlando using Future Points.

  1. When can I make a Future Points reservation?
    a. Anytime
    b. Exactly on your anniversary or earn date
    c. Three years from now
    d. 11 months before the reservation date

Dr. Smith is a Traveler Plus member and is planning a trip to a new destination.

  1. What benefits does Traveler Plus provide with Points use?
    a. RCI Nightly Stays
    b. Hot Weeks Getaways
    c. Direct Exchange
    d. All of the above

 Mrs. Martin wants to give a nice birthday present to her daughter, Millie.

  1. Can Mrs. Martin’s friends and family use her Vacation points?
    a. Yes
    b. No

 Dan broke his leg and needs to cancel his vacation to Wisconsin Dells.

  1. When can he cancel this reservation without losing his Points? (Select all answers that apply)
    a. Ten days prior to the check-in date
    b. Any time
    c. Two days before check-in
    d. With a Points Protection Plan by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the day of check-in

Karen is a Choice Privileges member and needs 300 more Choice Privileges Points for a Choice hotel reservation.

  1. Can Bluegreen Vacation Points be converted to Choice Privileges points?
    a. Yes
    b. No

Joe is interested in an upcoming Owner Adventure trip with Bluegreen. 

  1. Can he use his Points towards the trip cost?
    a. Of course!
    b. Absolutely not
    c. Yes, if he’s a Traveler Plus member
    d. It depends on the trip

Michelle just found out she has an extra week of vacation available from her job and wants to go on vacation.

  1. What’s the difference between Last Minute Availability and Bonus Time?
    a. Last Minute Availability uses Points and Bonus Time uses cash to secure the reservation
    b. There are no differences
    c. Last Minute Availability uses cash and Bonus Time uses Points to secure the reservation
    d. Points and cash are interchangeable for both reservations

Delma and Diego are Bluegreen owners who want to book their vacation at an RCI resort.

  1. What is true about exchanging with RCI?
    a. Owners can book for a minimum of 7 consecutive nights
    b. You can book for nightly if you are a Traveler Plus member
    c. There are no blackout dates. It is all based on availability
    d. All of the above

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