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When it comes to your Vacation Points, resort Points tables are your best friend! While it’s understandable that your eyes might have glazed over the first time you looked at one, these tables are provided to give you all the info you need to maximize your vacation planning at a glance. Once you have familiarized yourself with them, you’ll know exactly how many Points are needed for a stay for the particular resort, week and days, season and type of accommodations you want.

To help you gain a better understanding, let’s break a Points table down by section using the Cibola Vista Resort and Spa Points table as an example:
points graph for Cibola Vista Resort and Spa

You can also access a full Points Guide online here, or calculate Points needed for a vacation by logging in to and selecting > Book > Vacation Planning Tools > Points Chart.

Vacation Weeks Calendar
Also found in the Points section of your Owner Guide, the Vacation Weeks calendar will help you figure out which weeks correspond to which week numbers in the Points table, as shown below:

Understanding Seasons
Seasons are periods which determine the Points value of villas based on location and demand. These range from the high-demand Ultra Red, High Red, and Red seasons–generally the summer months, when more families are taking vacations–to the lower-demand White and Blue seasons. For some resorts, there’s also a high-demand Leaf season, when owner demand for certain resorts rises based on their proximity to fall foliage.

As you can see, gaining a better understanding of the Points Guide can help you figure out how to make the best use of your Vacation Points!

To learn more about your ownership including other ways to use your Points, visit Ask Bluegreen.

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