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Everyone looks forward to a vacation getaway!

Now is the time to act and start planning your next Bluegreen Vacation! While you are logged onto your Bluegreen Owner’s account scheduling your next great trip, don’t forget you can send your registered referrals a special email vacation offer from the Bluegreen Rewards page!

Need to register your friends and family first? No problem! Visit to register your Qualified Referral** and send them a special vacation offer all at once. Here’s how:

1. First, enter in your referral’s information: First Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone Number, City and State.

2. Review the drop-down menu to recommend a destination where they should travel. This can be your personal favorite destination or a location you know they will love! When they go to book their vacation, they will be able to choose from 15+ destinations.

3. You have the option to write your friend a personal message, then you must check the box indicating you wish to send your friend a special email vacation offer.

4. Click the register and send offer button at the bottom of the section. See an example of how to fill in this information below.

Bluegreen Vacations

You can send your pre-registered Qualified Referrals** a special offer anytime by going to the Referral Activity page on your Bluegreen Owner’s account. From here, check the box next to your Qualified Referrals** name, then click Send Offer and an email will be sent to your friend!

Bluegreen Vacations


 When your Qualified Referrals** become deeded Bluegreen Vacations owners, you could earn* up to 150,000 Bluegreen Rewards!

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