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When it comes to viewing your Vacation Points and Reservations at a glance, the place to go is your Owner Dashboard on! Simply sign in and follow these easy steps.

Understanding Your Vacation Points

Once logged into, click My Points from the My Bluegreen menu to find a full breakdown of all the Points available in your account, and how to use them to maximize your ownership..

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Annual Points
Annual Vacation Points are the unrestricted Points you receive on your anniversary date that can be used in any season for one year from earn date. Always try to use all of your Points—you’ll get the most value out of them if you do. If you can’t, know your expiration date so you can save your Points before they expire.

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Saved Points
Saved Points indicate how many Vacation Points you elected to save at the end of your previous personal fiscal year and available for your use for an additional 12 months. Any unused saved Points will expire at the end of your current personal fiscal year. Saved Points can be used for reservations in White, Blue and normal Red seasons only.

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Restricted Points
Restricted Points are Points in your Vacation Club account that can be used for reservations in Blue and White seasons and cannot be saved.

Available Points
This section is an up-to-date summary of all the Points in your account.

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Future Points

Future Points are Points in your Vacation Club account that have a future start date and represent your next year’s allotment of Points. You can book reservations using future Points before their start date as long as the check-in date is on or after the start date of the Points.
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When is Your Earn Date for Points?
Each year, on the first day of the month following your purchase month, your Points are deposited into your account. For example, if you purchased on March 21, your personal fiscal year would be April 1 to March 31. Depending upon your ownership, you may have multiple accounts that make up your total Points allotment.

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Managing Your Past and Current Reservations

Once logged in to click My Reservations from the My Bluegreen menu.

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To access the details of a current or past reservation, click on the blue confirmation number link.

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The Reservation Confirmation page displays all the information re lated to your selected reservation.

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Stay organized for your upcoming vacation by emailing your itinerary to fellow travelers, and adding the reservation to your calendar. You’ll find this located at the bottom of the reservation confirmation page for each reservation.

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Sign in to your account on to find key information in the My Dashboard section.

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