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Please be aware that unscrupulous timeshare resale and “relief” companies have been contacting timeshare owners with deceptive offers. Be aware that these companies are not affiliated with Bluegreen in any way. If you are contacted, it is important to know how to identify these so-called companies.

Some timeshare “relief companies” will mail you a postcard asking you to attend a meeting about selling your timeshare. Or, you’ll receive an unsolicited phone call from a company or or person presenting as an attorney or from a law office offering ways to terminate your timeshare ownership. They will often ask you to pay $300-$2000 in advance for these services but never provide what they promised.

Many timeshare “relief companies” are dummy corporations, set up for the sole purpose of receiving money from victims and then closing their doors. Whether you know it or not, you may still own your timeshare regardless of paying a relief company to sell it for you. Learn more about identifying timeshare fraud on the ARDA-ROC website.

To help protect the integrity of the timeshare industry, ARDA, American Resort Development Association, has set up two advisories to educate consumers. ARDA’s reputable developers and approved resale companies will guide owners through the resale environment in order to promote a positive, realistic selling experience. To check advisories, visit the ARDA website. Currently, Pinnacle Vacations is the only authorized resale company for Bluegreen Vacation Ownership products.

Bluegreen uses industry best practices to protect your information and your privacy. Bluegreen does not provide your personal information to timeshare relief companies.

For more information on how to avoid the harms of timeshare relief companies and other industry imposters, visit Pinnacle Vacations or call them at 800.485.5632.

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